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Product Return Procedure

Incorrectly ordered or incorrectly delivered by us, for the first time found to be defective products are returned within 7 days from the date of sale.

Returns the process, which will be returned stating that the real reason for return of the product and return the computer to send the cause of technical services, technical servisimizce also approved the adoption takes place.

Products to be returned in its original box, along with the standard accessories to be delivered complete and undamaged.

İade edilecek ürünlerin sarf malzemeleri (şerit, mürekkep kartuşu, toner kağıt, v.b) orjinal ambalajında ve kullanılmamış olmalıdır.

The opened and / or license agreements with software products that have been used are not refundable.

Refunds are sent by courier shipping will be paid by the customer.

Faulty products are sent by courier to the customer with real computer if it is returned shipping paid for by us.

Computer sales invoice price of the real return receipt must be the same amount of TL.

Computer technical service, the following documents must be delivered to the real product : photocopy of sales receipt, return the bill.

Product returned after accepting the refund form, invoice amount will be recorded as credits to your account.
Shipping Procedure

Into the European and the Anatolian side of Istanbul every day is the shuttle.

Anatolian orders every evening at 17:00 hours is given Cargo.

After that time, the orders are sent the day after.
Shipping fees paid by purchaser. Have been paid for the product by sending the defective product must be sent as.

Please tell your suggestions and complaints about the distribution.
Sales Procedure

Reel Computer distributors and stores (retail) through the work and have been selling only wholesale.

Reel companies who want to work primarily with computer dealers new application forms, please fill out the required transport.

Companies have started to work on a new U.S. dollar sales are made ​​in cash.

There is a certain maturity to our customers we work constantly practice.
Technical Procedure

Completed 24 hours from the date of sale products, failure is detected by the technical service replaced with a new; replacement product will be returned if it is not available in the stocks.
as technical service from defective products (motherboard, video card, hard disk, ram,v.s) getirimelidir in protective antistatic.

Otherwise, product technical service will not be accepted.

Burnt by the user, damaged products not covered by warranty.

Breakdown products were not covered by warranty will be charged according to the state by the technical service.

Defective goods sent outside the city, shipping fee paid by the customer.

Technical service as a computer are not considered defective.

Virüs yada yazılımlardan kaynaklanan problemlere destek verilmemektedir.

Technical service as a computer are not considered defective.Failure will not be liable for products that do not form.

All products must be sent with the delivery or courier waybill is required.

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