About Us

REEL Bilgisayar Sistemleri İletişim Teknolojileri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. 2000 was founded in Istanbul in.The purpose of the organization; Needed in our country and the world production of IT products and similar products, imports and exports of services and products quality to perform in this area is to add value to the relevant sectors.

Our organization started out with the production and importation of supplies, especially computers and technology since 2006 as a hobby group has realized the import of parts. All product groups in the year 2011 has gained momentum with the export-oriented infrastructure work.

Production and import of productions; all over Turkey national, local store chains, dealer channels, virtual stores, and wholesalers to our customers.

R & D work carried out and every day our experienced staff and wide range of quality products to our customers sunulmaktayız. Center in an area of ??1300 m2 with a young dynamic team of the institution has been serving its customers.


As required by the age of technological developments, including our lives in this area by moving the highest order of the total quality concept, people, environment, nature and future investments made in being a pioneer and a bridge.


Our vision, from the past, products, research and service kalitemizdeki our experience, these days, and in the future we will need, and work, life, me, and mental efficiency, and improve the products carry the highest levels and to deliver to you.

Phone :. (0216) 399 84 54
E-posta :. iletisim@reelbilgisayar.com